New Aquarium Maintenance Service!

Introducing our new aquarium maintenance service! Watch your aquatic ecosystem thrive as we take care of everything from cleaning to fish care. Trust our team of experts for excellent results. Choose us for a stunning and healthy aquarium with minimal effort on your part!

New Aquarium Maintenance Service!

Introducing our new aquarium maintenance service! Watch your aquatic ecosystem thrive as we take care of everything from cleaning to fish care. Trust our team of experts for excellent results. Choose us for a stunning and healthy aquarium with minimal effort on your part!

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Who We Are and What We Do

Our Story and Achievements

Frags 2 Fishes was founded in 2018 by a family of reef enthusiasts. We are one of the leading saltwater aquarium stores in Wilmington, DE. We have loyal customers and a strong reputation. We offer a wide range of products, livestock, and services. We are authorized dealers of some of the best brands.

Our Aquarium Installation and Maintenance Services

We offer aquarium installation and maintenance services for all levels of care. We can do water changes or tank makeovers for you. We have professional and friendly technicians who will take care of your aquarium. We can also help you with aquarium equipment.

Our State-of-the-Art Facility

We produce and store our saltwater products and livestock in a modern and spacious facility. Our facility has the latest technology and equipment for quality and standards. We have a skilled and experienced staff who work with passion and dedication.

Our Community and Customer Service

As fervent coral reef lovers, we're proud sponsors of the Delaware Reef Club and invite you to join our thriving community. We prioritize customer service, staying connected via Facebook and Instagram to provide updates, exclusive offers, and reefing tips. Reach out to our readily available support via phone, email, or our website. Join us in the exciting journey of exploring the reef world.

Real Reviews from Aquarium Keepers

Excellent4.9 Based on 298 reviews from review us onAnthony BAnthony B ★★★★★ Great customer service, and quality livestockfelicia modaberfelicia modaber ★★★★★ Thank you thank you so very much! I think the heat pack made all the difference! The crabs are happy& fat- busily eating the algea!Felicia ModaberRabin ShakyaRabin Shakya ★★★★★ Good choice for salt water fish and have some good choice for fresh water fish as wellRiley McKeeRiley McKee ★★★★★ This is a great LFS! I had a really bad bout of dinos and I posted on a local forum that I was in search of a particular UV. They responded they had what I was looking for and gave me a good deal on it. Two weeks later and my dinos cleared up and I could not be happier. Their customer service is really good and they have a really clean shop with great displays.Andreas DuerrAndreas Duerr ★★★★★ John was awesome to work with and went back and forth with me for weeks via email figuring out the best setup for my situation and I am very excited to get my system set up and cycled!Chris & Teresa StevensChris & Teresa Stevens ★★★★★ Hands down the best store in the area!Tyler KuhnTyler Kuhn ★★★★★ My wife and I recently in the last 6 months found this amazing shop! Their fish and coral are very healthy! The staff is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and they listen when you talk about what you are looking for. We mentioned we were looking for a few specific not so common saltwater fish, to our surprise that following week they had the fish in-stock (we did not special order the fish). John spent a lot of time with us discussing possible ideas of how to help control our nutrients in our reef tank and suggested the Pax Bellum n24 algae reactor. We had spoken to a few different shops about our issue and this was the first time it had been mentioned, we couldn’t be happier that he did because it works amazing!Jim LaheyJim Lahey ★★★★★ Stopped in today with my wife to check out the store for the first time and we were absolutely amazed with the selection, quality, cleanliness and prices. One of the best experiences in my life aquatic shopping. I have been all over the tri state area and I can say this was my best experience yet. Alyssa and Will were beyond helpful and shared a lot of knowledge and helped me with everything I need to keep my tank thriving. Can’t wait to stop in again soon.Brent FeldmannBrent Feldmann ★★★★★ Very cool store. Good selection of fish, great selection of coral. Good pricesMorgan BrellahanMorgan Brellahan ★★★★★ highly recommend them, they are quick to help and knowledgeableOlivia FranciscoOlivia Francisco ★★★★★ My favorite local fish storeMatt WildeMatt Wilde ★★★★★ Frags 2 Fishes is by far the best store I have been to in my years in the hobby. I am jumping back in after many years and really happy to have such an awesome store so close to home. The owner is awesome to work with and super knowledgeable. He takes pride in his store and his work and makes sure his customers are taken care of. You can also see this reflected in the other employees at the store. Everyone is welcoming and eager to help customers get the things they need and help steer people away from the potential pitfalls that the hobby has. If you are looking for an awesome experience, stop by Frags 2 Fishes, you won't be disappointed.Steven Sr.Steven Sr. ★★★★★ First visit today. Had just what I was looking for. Very pleasant. Gave 8 Peacocks a new home. I'll be back.Stacie PearmanStacie Pearman ★★★★★ This is my go to store. They are so patient and helpful.Michelle RedMichelle Red ★★★★★ Beautiful. Clean. Fish looked happy. Fair prices a bit on the high side.Maria BarefootMaria Barefoot ★★★★★ Great place. Tanks were all very clean and fish were healthy. Nice selection of rocks, driftwood, and substrate.Jody CiuffetelliJody Ciuffetelli ★★★★★ Great selection and service.Jason WainsteinJason Wainstein ★★★★★ 5 star! John and the team are fantastic. They just delivered and installed my Waterbox 340.7 and it was smooth the whole time. Great attention to detail and very trustworthy. Great communications. I’ll definitely get my next tank from them! They also have a really good equipment and livestock selection. Thanks again!Bill KillianBill Killian ★★★★★ Awesome store. Just starting my tank. Bought 2 clowns today! Meet the owner and he was great to chat with. Will definitely be backMatt WildeMatt Wilde ★★★★★ awesome store with great stock and even better staff. can't wait to get my tank rolling. look forward to visiting often!Dee MurphyDee Murphy ★★★★★ Frags to Fishes was a great place to see. I went with my Daughter and I was star struck to observe the fish, live plants, corals and much more. In the future I plan to set up a beautiful tank for a special, handsome Beta. I first must do my research and plan before going forward. Thank you, Frags to Fishes for all you help.Will GonzalezWill Gonzalez ★★★★★ Awesome and a fantastic place!!! Highly recommended!!! 👍🏼Michael RossMichael Ross ★★★★★ John and cara are awesome people the store is just awesome clean and great quality animals/items must check out.... If you don't have a tank you will when you leave ....Lee WishnovLee Wishnov ★★★★★ Love the new store and great seeing the evolution of F2F over the years. Keep up the great work!Brit JohnsonBrit Johnson ★★★★★ I was searching the internet for available lawnmower blennys and this place popped up. I noticed they were from Northern Delaware (I'm from southern), I decided to order the Blenny for pickup since I would be up there later that week. I admit I was a little hesitant to order since I had never heard of them. Today, I got there and the people actually were extremely nice and knowledgeable, the store was kept inimmaculate condition and I was truly impressed by their selection of saltwater fish, coral and all the supplies they have. Everything looked very healthy and I cannot wait for my next visit. I highly recommend Frags2Fishes!!Adam WhiteAdam White ★★★★★ Great people! Can’t wait for the grand opening!Cody Beau WalkerCody Beau Walker ★★★★★ Every time I have been to the store it has been a great experience. I am a big fan of the online auctions that are held every weekend. I have watched John get the store ready for the Big Grand Opening over the past few months and I am probably as excited as he is! Can’t wait for this Saturday!Justin BarrettJustin Barrett ★★★★★ First time customer to this store! Great selection of reefing supplies and and food! Can’t wait to see the store full of goodies! Grabbed some hermits, snails and killer RFA!Jen SmithJen Smith ★★★★★ Great customer service! Can't wait to see everything done....excited for your Grand Opening soonJoe WaringJoe Waring ★★★★★ I drove out to the new shop and unfortunately the tang I drove out for had perished. The owner gave me a half black tang for my troubles, and then reordered the original fish for me. Both are doing great, and couldnt be happier with the level of service. These guys know how to resolve an issue. Will be back again that’s for sure.js_loader

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