Live Coral Auctions: An Informative Guide

Before embarking on your thrilling deep-sea adventure in our live coral auctions, you’ll need to ensure your account is ready to set sail. Visit the My Account page to update your billing address and phone number. This small but vital step ensures a smooth sail through the checkout process when you emerge victorious with your coveted coral treasures.

Your account is not just a gateway, but a personalized dashboard that helps you navigate through your auction journey. It serves as your treasure map, enabling you to view all your watched items, bids, and won items. These features help you keep a keen eye on your favorite corals, track your current bids, and revel in the joy of your auction wins.

Stay connected with your sea of bids by opting into our real-time text message notifications. These instant updates serve as your friendly sidekick, keeping you in the loop whenever you’ve been outbid or when you’ve triumphantly won an item. This way, you’ll never miss a beat in the fast-paced current of our live coral auctions. So gear up, dive in, and let the underwater bidding adventure begin!

Edit Billing Address & SMS Opt-In

The rush of the auction may be a thrilling whirlpool, but remember, all winning bids are like precious pearls that need to be secured. Each winning bid must be paid within 24 hours of an auction ending, a crucial step to ensure your underwater treasures stay reserved just for you. Consider this the ticking clock in your treasure hunt, adding an extra dash of excitement to your auction journey!

Navigating to the My Auctions page under My Account, you will find a detailed list of your won items. Like a treasure chest of your victories, this page is where your successful bids transform into tangible rewards. Once your payment is processed, these items will be marked as secured, waiting for their journey to their new home – your aquarium.

However, the sea can be unpredictable, and in the unfortunate event that items are left unpaid, they won’t be lost at sea. Instead, they will resurface, relisted in the next auction to give other sea treasure hunters a chance. Non-payment can result in the temporary or permanent loss of your bidding privileges, a situation as disappointing as a missing treasure map. So keep your compass pointed towards timely payments, ensuring your coral treasures are safely secured and your bidding journey continues to be as exhilarating as ever!

Are you an avid collector, always on the hunt for more aquatic gems to add to your treasure chest? Take a plunge into our Add-Ons page, a veritable sea of options at your fingertips. From live items such as fish, coral, and inverts, to a range of other products, you can effortlessly add these to your shipment for a streamlined shopping experience. It’s like finding a hidden treasure trove within the ocean of auctions, allowing you to enhance your collection while saving on shipping!

While navigating through your auction adventure, remember that smart planning can help you unlock some exciting shipping discounts. If your auctions don’t quite reach the shipping discount tier of $50, or the free shipping tier for orders over $249, consider diving back into the Add-Ons page. Adding those extra items can help you reach these tiers, turning your auction journey into a true treasure hunt. It’s not just about winning bids, but also about charting a course towards the best shipping deals!

However, remember to keep your eyes on the horizon: the discount shipping and free shipping tiers only apply to your first order. Any subsequent add-on orders don’t add to the total for these tiers. This is the compass guiding your shipping strategy – while the Add-Ons page offers more items to discover, it’s your initial plunge that sets the course for shipping charges. But don’t worry – with orders held for up to 10 days, there’s plenty of time to plan your strategy and secure your aquatic treasures. Remember, unclaimed orders will be cancelled after this period, but a store credit will be issued, so your efforts are never wasted. Embark on this fun, exciting journey and discover the true joy of collecting underwater treasures!

Welcome to the thrilling underwater world of auctions, where Proxy Bidding is your trusty sidekick, ensuring you never miss a beat in the fast-paced bidding wars. A tool that’s as sharp as a shark’s tooth and as reliable as a dolphin, Proxy Bidding is your personal guide through the currents of competition. Let’s dive a little deeper and explore how this amazing tool works with some real-life examples:

Your Personal Bidding Assistant: The Lifesaver You Didn’t Know You Needed

Imagine you’ve set your sights on a rare and radiant coral specimen. You’re ready to bid up to $100, but you don’t want to hover over your device all day. Enter Proxy Bidding! Just set your maximum bid at $100 and let our system handle the rest. This maximum bid remains a well-guarded secret, known only to you and our system. It’s like having your own personal aquatic ally, tirelessly fighting for your cause!

Smart Auto-Bidding: A Winning Strategy

Let’s picture a scenario: your maximum bid for the radiant coral was $100, but another bidder enters the fray with a $75 bid. Not to worry! Proxy Bidding springs into action and gently raises your bid to $80, keeping you in the lead without breaking your budget. It’s like having a clever octopus, deftly navigating the waters and ensuring you stay ahead, without ever crossing your maximum limit.

Stay Alert: Your Underwater Radar

In the unlikely event that another underwater explorer places a maximum bid higher than yours – say, $110 – our system will send an alert faster than a speedboat! This gives you the opportunity to reassess the situation and decide whether you’d like to increase your maximum limit. It’s like having a dolphin echolocate and warn you of any potential bidding threats, ensuring you’re always prepared!

By bidding early through Proxy Bidding, you can navigate the exciting coral auctions with ease and confidence. It’s like setting your course early in your underwater adventure, so you won’t forget about the auctions or risk getting tied up when they’re ending. With Proxy Bidding, you’ll never miss an opportunity to expand your aquatic treasure trove. So, dive in, let Proxy Bidding guide you, and enjoy the exhilarating ride through the coral bidding wars!

As you explore the vibrant undersea world of our auctions, you may occasionally find yourself sharing the same treasure map with another bidder. This happens when two ambitious aquanauts set the same maximum bid on the same item. But worry not, for even in these tumultuous tides, our system is designed to be as fair and orderly as a school of disciplined angelfish.

The ‘First Come, First Served’ Rule: A Fair Way to Navigate the Currents In the event of tied bids, our system follows the ‘first come, first served’ principle. In the marine realm, the early seahorse catches the sea cucumber, and the same applies here! If two bidders set a maximum bid of $50.00 on a stunning coral, the treasure goes to the bidder who plotted their course first. It’s a fair and equitable way to break ties, ensuring every bidder gets an equal chance to expand their collection of underwater wonders.

Avoiding Tied Bids: An Ocean of Strategies How can you navigate around the potential of tied bids? One approach is to set your maximum bids at odd numbers, such as $53 instead of $50. It’s like choosing an uncharted path in the deep sea, helping you avoid the crowd and giving you a better chance of securing your aquatic treasures.

And don’t worry about keeping track of who won in the case of a tie. If you’ve won, the system will smoothly move the item into the ‘Won’ section under My Auctions in My Account. It’s as if a friendly turtle has guided your prize directly into your underwater trove.

So, remember, in this thrilling deep-sea adventure, planning ahead and being unique in your bidding strategy can give you the edge. And with our system ensuring a fair and exciting experience, every aquatic auction will be a joy to navigate!

As you embark on your exciting auction adventure, remember that each bid you place is more than a number – it’s a pledge. Like an unwritten agreement with your fellow sea-faring auctioneers, your bid symbolizes your intention to give a beautiful piece of coral a new home. Just as the ocean thrives on mutual respect among its inhabitants, so too does our friendly auction community.

Proxy Bidding: A Trustworthy First Mate Think of Proxy Bidding as your trustworthy first mate in this thrilling journey. It stands by you, always ready to help you navigate the ebbs and flows of the auction currents. But remember, while it is a fun and useful tool, it doesn’t diminish the seriousness of each bid you place. It’s crucial to use this system responsibly, like a good captain steering their ship with care. Any retraction of bids can result in loss of bidding privileges – a storm you’d surely want to avoid.

Dive in with Joy and Fairness We encourage you to fully immerse yourself in the joy and excitement of the auction. Revel in the thrill of the chase, the anticipation of the countdown, and the delight of securing a sought-after item. But while doing so, remember to be fair to your fellow bidders. After all, the auction is not just about winning; it’s about engaging in a community of aquatic enthusiasts who share your passion.

As you venture into the depths of our live coral auctions, remember that you’re obliged to purchase all items you win. But don’t fret – with a wealth of stunning corals awaiting you, every win is a joyous occasion. So, with these guidelines in mind, are you ready to dive deeper into the vibrant universe of our auctions? There’s so much more to explore in the Frags 2 Fishes Live Coral Auctions. Let’s continue our journey into the amazing underwater marvels, as we navigate the next exciting aspects of our bidding process. Stay tuned, fellow aquarists, there’s more to come!

Ready to make your move in the vibrant Frags 2 Fishes live coral auctions? It’s time to understand the rhythm of the auction – our bidding increments and schedule. Navigating these waters can be the key to a successful auction experience, so let’s dive in!

Our auctions are a thrilling weekly event, beginning to draw to a close each Sunday at 6pm EST. As the clock ticks down, the excitement intensifies. Each auction item ends one minute apart, creating a thrilling cascade of final bids and auction victories. But remember, it’s not just about being the highest bidder, it’s about timing, strategy, and understanding the bidding increments.

Our bidding increments vary based on the current bid price. This helps keep the competition fair and accessible for items of all values. For items with a current bid price between $1 and $100, each new bid must increase the price by at least $1.00. As we move up the value scale, the bidding increments increase too. Items with a bid price of $101-$300 have a $5.00 increment, $301-$500 is $10, $501-$1000 is $20, and for those high-value treasures with a bid price of $1000 and up, the increment is $50. This structure ensures a fair and balanced bidding process, where every participant has a chance to win their desired item.

Now that you’ve claimed victory in the underwater bidding wars, it’s time to bring your prized corals safely home. Our shipping process is as streamlined as a darting fish, designed to deliver your wins efficiently and securely. So, let’s embark on the next phase of your auction journey – understanding our shipping details.

To calculate shipping, we use the FedEx Zone Map based on your zip code. Just like a treasure map, it guides us to the exact location of your coral reef. Want to find out your specific flat rate shipping costs? Simply enter your zip code into our convenient form below or on our shipping page. But don’t worry if you’re in our neighborhood – local pickup is another great option for nearby bidders. It’s a fantastic opportunity to save on shipping costs and personally welcome your new coral into your collection.

We do have a few crucial waypoints to keep in mind. All items must be shipped or picked up within 10 days after the auction ends. After this period, any unclaimed treasures will return to the depths of our auction pool to be relisted. However, you won’t leave empty-handed – a store credit for the order total will be issued to your account. Also, we encourage you to explore our Order Shipping Policiespage, where you’ll find our complete shipping and Dead on Arrival (DOA) policy. After all, we want your auction wins to reach you in the best possible condition, ready to thrive in their new home.

As you navigate the bustling currents of our live coral auctions, remember that you’re not alone in this underwater adventure. If you encounter any issues or if you simply need some assistance, our dedicated customer support team is just a click away. No matter the tide, we’re here to ensure your auction experience sails smoothly. Whether it’s a question about bidding increments or inquiries about shipping details, we’re ready to help. Simply reach us via any of the methods listed on the Contact Us page – we recommend reaching out via email or Facebook Messenger for the quickest response.

While we strive to keep our auctions running smoothly, we’re akin to divers in a vast ocean. Sometimes, unforeseen issues can arise, from system errors to auction downtime. We want you to know that we’re always on the case, doing our best to rectify any problems as soon as possible. However, we are not responsible for these occasional hiccups. If auctions happen to be down up to 12 hours before they start ending or experience issues during the ending period, we reserve the right to cancel all bids and relist items if we choose. We also aren’t responsible for any connection lagging or issues that may occur when placing bids.

That said, we have a few tips to help you ensure a seamless auction experience. First, always confirm that you’re logged in – it’s an easy step that can make a significant difference. Second, for the best experience, we recommend using a fast, stable desktop connection. Mobile connections can sometimes be unreliable, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that perfect coral due to a laggy connection! So, gear up, grab your virtual snorkeling equipment, and dive into the vibrant world of Frags 2 Fishes Live Coral Auctions! Here’s to a memorable auction experience, and may the best bidder win!

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