Thanks for checking out our auctions!  Before you get started here are a few pointers:

  • Please be sure to have your billing address and phone number filled out before bidding.  This can be done via the My Account page.  (click on the Addresses tab and then fill in your complete Billing Address) You can also Opt-In to receive text message notifications when you have been out bid or won an item.


  • ALL orders must be paid within 24hrs of auctions ending or your items will no longer be held and will be offered for general sale. Non-payment of winning items will also result in removal of your bidding ability.


  • Looking to add more items to your order to justify shipping costs?  No need to worry!  You can add any other live items (fish, coral, inverts) or products from the Add-Ons page to be included in your shipment.  During checkout you will be promoted for a delivery date. If you choose a later delivery date you can even add additional auction items for one shipping charge.
    • Once you pay for the shipping costs you will have the shipping method “add to existing order” available for future orders.


  • All auctions utilize proxy bidding which allows the system to place bids for you up to your maximum set bid.  This ensures you are the highest bidder for the lowest amount.  For Example: An item’s Leading Bid is $25.00, and the bid increment is $5.00. If you enter a Maximum Bid of $50.00, and there is not another maximum bid, you become the high bidder and the Leading Bid reads $30.00.  This is the same bidding style that eBay uses and should be familiar for those who have shopped on eBay before.  Here is an article from them on proxy bidding as well.


  • Shipping is calculated based on zip code using FedEx Zone Map. Local customer shipping ranges from $19.99-$39.99, outside local zones is $45-$55.  Please find your zipcode on this page for actual flat rate shipping costs. Shipping discount only applies to the total of the first order placed. If the first order is $20 and the second order is $35 this DOES NOT qualify for discount shipping. Shipping is charged based on the total of the first order and is required when paying for your first order.

Please read our complete shipping and DOA policy here:

Good Luck!