Corals, Favia

Everything to Know about Favia Corals

Favias are often an underrated coral. They come in various colors and varieties that are a stunning addition to every reef. Favias grow in colonies, so the one inch frag you see at your LFS was once part of a larger piece, sometimes imported the size of a basketball or larger.

Dragon Soul Favia Frag

The favia coral goes by many common names, such as a moon, pineapple, honeycomb, or brain coral. The care for the favia coral is easy! Moderate lighting and placement in the middle or bottom of the tank. If you are lucky enough to get a large piece, it is a showstopper in the sand bed.

FACT: Favia corals in the wild can live for hundreds of years. Favias in captivity do not usually live as long, but they can easily outlive their owners, so you might want to write your favia into your will!

WWC Blood Diamond Favia

Favia corals are low maintenance, so you do not need to stress about a strict feeding regimen as they will get most of their nutrition from the tank in the form of algae and other critters. However, at Frags 2 Fishes we want our corals to thrive, so we broadcast feed Polyplab Reefroids in the evening when the tentacles are out so they can eat every morsel.

Speaking of tentacles, favia corals can be aggressive because their sweeper tentacles can come out at night and sting other corals. Not to worry, just make sure that there is some space between your favia corals and your other corals to keep everyone happy!

Large Favia Colony